Welcome to Mind Your Own Business! I am an experienced consultant and advisor to small businesses. I work with business owners I like and trust, and help them to achieve their business and personal goals.

Successful entrepreneurs need A Trusted Advisor Who

  • is not an employee, a customer, or a significant other;

  • doesn't have a conflict of interest;

  • will listen and understand, ask good questions, and help you see into your own shadows. 

Create A Better Business Operation

clear strategic vision is essential

  • We can work together to make a plan;

  • I'll ask questions and look into your shadow;

  • I'll give you the benefit of my experience;

  • Setting long term goals will make your business operations more effective;

  • Making progress toward your long term goals will make you feel less stressed and more in control.

Partnerships Are Wonderful, Partnerships are Terrible

Partnerships allow entrepreneurs with different talents and strengths to cooperate and achieve more than they ever could separately. Lack of a shared vision and poor communication can lead to infighting, backstabbing, and a toxic work environment for everyone. Failure to properly document the way the partnership actually functions can lead to costly litigation and strife.

  • The key to a successful partnership is to start with a shared vision, covering areas like:

    • Exit Goals and Plans;

    • Governance Model;

    • Employee Management;

    • Family Participation;

    • Partner Duties, Non-Competes, Time Spent, Goals and Metrics, and Compensation;

    • Adding Additional Partners, and how to handle Withdrawals;

    •  Capitalization and Additional Capital;

    • Competitive Model and Growth . . .

  • Consultant-lead meetings can cover difficult ground with less strife;

  • The goal is a clear set of decisions your attorney can memorialize in accurate partnership documents, not meaningless boilerplate;  

  • Partners must demonstrate commitment to the vision, communicate openly, build consensus, and embrace change. 

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