Partnerships can be wonderful. 

They allow entrepreneurs with different talents and strengths to cooperate and achieve more than they ever could separately.

Partnerships can be terrible.

Lack of a shared vision and poor communication can lead to infighting, backstabbing, and a toxic work environment for everyone.

Failure to properly document the way the partnership actually functions can lead to costly litigation and strife.

The key to a successful partnership is to start with a shared vision, to demonstrate commitment, to communicate openly, to build consensus, and to embrace change. 

Whether you have an existing partnership, but you have never had the hard conversations and made the important decisions that lead to harmony, or you are starting a new partnership and want to start on the right foot:

I can help you have those difficult conversations and create that shared vision, and make a plan to continue open communication.

My Partnership Vision process is two half day sessions, a week apart.

In the first session, we talk about the partnership, how it should function, what the options are, and what decisions need to be made

Your homework is to think and talk about the options and how you think they should be handled.

At the second session, we talk it out and you make decisions. Those decisions are recorded. Everyone consents. 

After the second session, you get a document outlining the decisions made, so that your attorney and your accountant can incorporate those decisions into your legal and accounting documents.

My Partnership Vision Process costs $2,500 for up to 4 partners, plus $500 per partner above that, and includes both sessions, help with the homework, and the final report.

i lead both sessions, and a recording secretary attends the second session, to accurately document your agreements.