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Writing Services

Ghost Writing

I ghost write inbound marketing content. I have written LinkedIn articles, blog posts, e-books, and magazine articles for large corporations, including Microsoft and NetApp. I can write for you! 

Here's how it works: we meet and discuss your ideal customer and the messages you would like to convey. You focus on sharing helpful knowledge, not on sales. We create a story arc and some topics, and decide where the content will be shared. We decide on a format and average story length.  From there, you give me your thoughts on the topic we selected, some good quotes, and I write the piece for you. You can edit it and we try to make sure it is in your own words. Then, you send it off for publication.  

My fees for writing start at $0.50 per word in the final piece, but I prefer multiple-piece, long term, flat fee arrangements. 

Want to write your own content, but need some help with what and how? I will also consult with you about your writing as a Consulting Service.

Policies and Procedures

I can also write policies, procedures, and other internal business documents. Generally, I start with a current document that is poorly written, dense, and legalistic. I may need to meet with you or your team to figure out what your policies really are. Then, I will try to write a document that is clear and understandable. 

Executive Summaries, RFQ's

Do you regularly submit bids or responses to Requests for Quotation, and need the Executive Summary, Cover Letter, or even non-technical sections explaining your business or quote to be clear and concise? I can help you write these. Call me!